Adult Classes

Adult Class Schedule

Improv for Beginners-Adult-  18+ 

8-Week Session- 50 minute Classes- $250

Monday 6:00 pm- 6:50 pm

Students in Improv for Beginners will learn the basics of building story from scratch without scripts. Students will create stories with others while engaging in active listening and supporting their strong choices. Students will learn principles of pantomime and object work as it relates to improv. This class will ask students to “play to the top of their intelligence” and avoid crude humor and potty jokes. The confidence gained from success in the world of improv will translate to their social life and to the workplace. Plus it’s just fun and you’ll meet some cool people. Classes start September 9th.

Advanced Improv/ Performance Troupe- Adult- 18 +

8 Week Session- 80 Minute Classes- $300

Monday 7:00 pm- 8:30 pm

*Approval by the instructor is needed in order to register for this class.

Students in this class will build on principles learned in Improv for Beginners as well as previous Improv experience. Students will get experience working in short form, long form, object work, as well as building an ensemble for performance. There will be elements of this class that deal with musical improv, both singing and rapping. Students enrolled in this class will be expected to showcase work at venues and times yet to be decided. Classes start September 9th. 

Acting for the Camera- Adult- 18 +

6 Week Session- 80 minute Classes- $300

Thursday 6:00 pm- 7:30 pm

*participants will get a memory stick of all their work.

Students in Acting for the Camera will learn basic principles of on camera acting and how it differs from the stage. Students will record pieces each class, and have the opportunity to view and critique their work through a student “Dropbox” file. Students will have opportunities to re tape certain lessons and build their on camera skills. Multiple takes and continuity of performance will be a focus in certain classes. Discussion of vocal clarity and a clean recording with edits will be a focus. Students will gain confidence in front of the camera while learning collaborative working skills and constructive criticism. Classes start September 12th.

Playing the Objective- Scene Study Class- Adult- 18 +

8 Week Session- 50 Minute Classes- $250

Tuesday 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm

*Time should scheduled with scene partners outside of class to supplement learning

Students in the Scene Study Class will first work with open scenes or A/B scenes to begin to explore concepts of playing an objective with simple text. Students will get opportunities to work pieces in front of the class. Students will be paired with another student and they will be given a piece to work with the teacher. Final scene presentations will take place the last class October 29th. Students will be asked to pursue objectives, in spite of significant obstacles, all the while playing interesting tactics. Classes start September 10th.

Audition Preparation/ Monologue Study- Adult- 18+

8 Week Session- 50 minute Classes-$250 

Tuesdays, 7:00 pm- 8:00 pm

Students in this class will be asked to select and perform material that will assist them in landing auditions in the future. Audition monologues will be given by week 3 and week 6. Students will be expected to be prepared to work audition material the week after it is given. Students will understand monologue performance techniques and will gain insights for success in all auditions. Students will receive constructive criticism, and learn significant ways to improve their chances in an audition room. Classes start September 10th.